Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NV-04: Horsford's Ad... & Baby Tark's Cheap Shots

Today, Steven Horsford released his first TV ad of the cycle. As you can see below, it's incredibly personal.

“I grew up on these streets,” Horsford says as he drives through the West Las Vegas neighborhood in which he grew up.

“Right here is where we lived,” he says, pointing to a small mustard-colored corner house.

“And, there, that’s where my dad was shot and killed,” he says, driving past a non-descript strip mall. “I drive by it every day on my way to work.” [...]

Horsford’s father was killed when he was 19. Horsford interrupted his college education to care for his younger siblings while his mom struggled with a drug addiction.

He’s now a father of three.

“My family now grounds me in what’s really important,” Horsford says in the ad. “So, when politicians say we can’t fix the mortgage mess, our economy and our schools, that Nevadans have to live with less, well, I say no way.

“We’re gonna fight for our future and I’m not going to back down.”

But is it controversial?

Frankly, I see it as powerful testimony. Steven Horsford's life has been far from easy. Yet instead of letting family tragedies hold him down, Horsford kept working. And he eventually worked his way up to where he is today. I mean, isn't this a little something we call "The American Dream"?

Apparently, that's not how "Delusions of Grandeur" Master Danny Tarkanian sees it. Fresh from insulting over 40% of Nevada's population, he's now set to insult pretty much anyone who's experienced family tragedy and has the courage to talk about it. No really, look at this.

What kind of candidate mocks someone sharing his personal story and explaining how it's made him a better person? I guess Danny Tarkanian is that kind of candidate willing to stoop that low.

So this dude really has the nerve to criticize Horsford's ad? I guess this is all he has left without the delusions of grandeur.

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