Thursday, September 6, 2012

What John Lewis Said.

John Lewis may now be a Congressman from Georgia... But his story didn't start on Capitol Hill. He's experienced first hand the struggle for civil rights, a struggle that we are still enduring now. And just moments ago at the Democratic National Convention in neighboring North Carolina, John Lewis spoke so poignantly about one of the most gruesome civil rights violations of our time.

Yes, you heard me right... And you heard him right.

And believe it or not, this issue is still lingering at our doorstep.

Especially as the Latino and Asian-American populations continue to grow here in Nevada and OFA & Nevada Democrats continue to target these communities for intense voter registration, Republicans will continue to feel the heat. This is why they're trying to spin away this inconvenient truth with puffed up chests and fluffed up "non-troversy". Of course, this is also why some Nevada Republicans have pursued voter suppression and Kris Kobach/Arizona G-O-TEA style "papers please" scare tactics to try to hold down the minority vote share.

So why are they so scared? It's simple, really. Until now, they've used xenophobia to win elections. And in using that xenophobia, they've alienated minority communities. So now that they're voting in larger numbers, the tables are turning and some Republicans are now realizing they're on the losing end of the equation.

Just last year, my own (now outgoing) Assembly Member spearheaded legislation designed to implement voter suppression. And even though Nevada has so far resisted these efforts to suppress the vote, the G-O-TEA has no plans to stop trying any time soon. In fact, one of their own batshit crazy leaders continues to beat the drums for voter suppression.

Well, here's what she and her "TEA" fueled conspiracy theory fan club "movement" don't want you to see.

Yet this is something John Lewis knows all too well. Don't ignore his warning to us.

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