Monday, September 10, 2012

NV-01/NV-03: A Word on R-J Endorsements

Next time someone tells you how important an endorsement from a certain "newspaper" is, remind that one to read this editorial from October 3, 2010. Two years ago, Nevada was facing a clear choice in our US Senate election. And so much was at stake for our state. Even REPUBLICANS like Dema Guinn and the late Bill Raggio endorsed Harry Reid because of what he's done for Nevada. In addition, the traditionally center-right Reno Gazette Journal endorsed Reid because his Northern Nevada (!!!) based opponent was just too unqualified and extreme. Yet despite all that, this certain Las Vegas "newspaper" went all in for Sharron Angle!

Since this "newspaper" actually endorsed such an extreme and unqualified candidate for US Senate just two years ago, why are we supposed to take its endorsements seriously now? If Nevada's supposed "leading newspaper" could actually endorse a candidate who actually wanted to take a wrecking ball and slam it right into Nevada's economy, why are we supposed to lend this "newspaper" any gravitas with its current slate of endorsements?

I ask because teabaggers are already buzzing over this "newspaper" endorsing Joe Heck for reelection to Congress in NV-03 and Chris Edwards for Congress in the now open NV-01 seat. Frankly, I'm not surprised this happened. In fact, this is just standard operating procedure for this "newspaper".

After all, it already endorsed the Angle-Heck "tea party" agenda in 2010. It's just doubling down on the crazy in 2012, so it has to double down on Joe Heck and his ideological objections to saving the middle class foundation of our economy. I guess the "newspaper" buys Joe Heck's argument that attacking women's health care is a far better use of a Congressman's time than cooperating with The President and other Members of Congress to actually put more Americans back to work.

And then, there's Chris Edwards. Like a certain "Sharrontology Obtuse Angle", he has a penchant for talking out of both sides of his mouth and shoddily hiding his allegiance to "tea party" extremism. Oh, and he's already doing a great job following Angle's lead on "Latino community outreach". Wow. Just wow.

Honestly, it's irritating to even have to discuss this Las Vegas "newspaper" and its silly endorsements now. But apparently since some in the media still want to pretend that there's anything rational and/or significant about these endorsements, we must remember how and why this "newspaper" totally discredited itself in the first place. When even the widow of a REPUBLICAN Governor and the REPUBLICAN State Senate leader acknowledge that their own party screwed up in choosing its US Senate nominee, a "newspaper" shouldn't be rushing to endorse pure batshit crazy.

And we shouldn't be subjected to this "newspaper" and its silly season of pointless endorsements now.

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