Monday, September 3, 2012

NV-01: Chris Edwards Exposed

Remember Chris Edwards? He's the NV-01 G-O-TEA nominee. And he actually thinks he can deceive Nevada Latinos that he's more of a friend than Dina Titus is!

Believe it or not, the Chris Edwards saga just got a hell of a lot weirder. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally let his true colors appear.

MT @ChrisEdwardsNV: Dina's best help to Hispancis was courtroom translaters to tell them they are going 2 jail

Seriously? Seriously? Did Chris Edwards just say that? Oh yes, he did.

But wait, there's more! He then tweeted this.

RT @ChrisEdwardsNV: @laurakmm courtroom translators. If you provide help sooner then there is no courtroom

Oh yes, he actually said that. Apparently, Chris Edwards thinks Latinos are all criminals.

I figured his charade couldn't last forever. He opposes the DREAM Act, comprehensive immigration reform, universal health care, support for public education, and pretty much everything else Nevada Latinos care about. Yet all this year, he's been pretending to care about the Latino families of NV-01. I guess he's been getting advice on minority voter outreach from Danny Tarkanian.

Well, that's being put to an end. The charade is over. Chris Edwards has just been exposed as just another anti-immigrant G-O-TEA sycophant.

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