Friday, September 14, 2012

NV-03: "Newspaper" Strikes Again!

Early this week, a local Southern Nevada "newspaper" embarrassed itself (again) with poorly reasoned endorsements. Today, the "newspaper" is out to embarrass itself some more. Oh yes, that's right. It's time for a new round of "polls" that make absolutely no sense!

In today's edition, the "newspaper" teamed up with the incredibly shoddy Survey USA to release this new "poll" showing Joe Heck leading by 13%. So why shouldn't we just take them at their word? Here's what Ralston tweeted.

"Newspaper" poll has @RepJoeHeck up by 13 over @JohnOceguera. Wow! Also wow: Dems have slight reg edge in #nv03; poll breakdown: 37-32, R.

And there's this.

Link to "newspaper" poll in #nv03 -- But look at goofy demographics here: #2010redux #surveyUSA

Indeed, Survey USA's internals make absolutely no sense. The sample skews much older than the likely electorate we'll see this fall, and Joe Heck probably isn't winning that many minority voters. No really, they know what's going on. Oh, and since Democrats recently took the lead in voter registration in NV-03, it makes no sense to show 5% more Republicans in the sample.

So why did this happen? Well, when a "newspaper" becomes accustomed to accepting sloppy "reporting", this is the result. Believe it or not, its polls were actually starting to make sense when it teamed up with UNLV's polling institute. It's a shame that the "newspaper" actually dumped a solid local outfit for this garbage.

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