Monday, September 10, 2012

NV-04: Delusions of Grandeur & Insults to Intelligence

So Danny Tarkanian's fan club didn't like me calling out Baby Tark for his cheap shots. Well, too bad. I have to call it as I see it. And frankly, I've seen nothing but duplicitous spin and empty, meaningless rhetoric that just confirms the gnawing suspicion I've had of the candidate and his campaign for some time.

I find it funny how he ran so far to the right when he found it politically convenient, but all of a sudden we're now supposed to believe he's better on comprehensive immigration reform than President Obama. Give me a break!

Believe it or not, the $10,000 donation from John Ensign's PAC and the ongoing personal financial scandals are not the worst stories for Danny Tarkanian's campaign. Actually, the worst story for his campaign is the ongoing saga of this incredibly vapid candidate who will stoop to the lowest levels and cravenly flip-flop as many times as possible to gain some kind of political advantage. Really, can Baby Tark run for anything without touting his famous last name?

And he keeps proving my earlier point. Sure, he's mired in some nasty financial scandal. However, what discredits his campaign even more is the incredible vapidity of it.

And we're seeing the vapidity on full display again today. Jon Ralston tweeted earlier this morning that Baby Tark is actually doing a fundraiser with none other than local scam artist and crackpot extraordinaire Wayne Allyn Root! Wow. All too often, truth can be stranger than fiction. And when one thinks about it, one can clearly see that Wayne Allyn Root and Danny Tarkanian make the perfect political match.

And all too often, politics can be reduced to such a farce. Such is the case with Danny Tarkanian. Since he doesn't seem to have anything else to fun on, he resorts to empty rhetoric, misleading mud slinging... And of course, his famous last name.

Really, has Nevada ever seen a campaign like this before? And will we ever have to endure something like this again?

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