Monday, September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's Boomerang Through My Mailbox

In recent days, the issue of China and its many exports has come toward the forefront in the Presidential campaign. In fact, Mitt Romney even tried to win my vote with this very issue! Take a look at the mail piece his campaign sent me last weekend.

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So we're supposed to believe President Obama is "shipping jobs to China" and Mitt Romney will magically restore them? Here's the problem with this fable: It's just that. It's simply not true. And in fact, President Obama is announcing action on this.

President Obama will announce that his administration is cracking down on China's practice of subsidizing auto parts made for export with a new case they are taking to the World Trade Organization while campaigning in Ohio, Monday, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The administration says China's practices hurt states like Ohio which count on the auto industry for jobs. The administration will also ask the WTO to move forward with a review of a separate case in which the U.S. alleged that China is placing unfair duties on cars imported from the United States.

The auto industry rescue is a prominent feature of Obama's campaign, particularly in states like Ohio. According to the White House, 475,000 Americans --including 54,200 Ohioans -- work for the auto parts industry.

This latest crack down on China comes on the same day that the Romney campaign has released a new ad promising to "make trade work for America" and promising to "crack down on China" and "open up new markets." On the stump, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan regularly attack Obama for being weak on China.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has a record of doing this.

Senator Reid was talking about this explosive Boston Globe story debunking Mitt Romney's claim that he wasn't in charge of Bain Capital when his company began massive layoffs early last decade. While Romney claimed he left Bain in 1999, the documents Bain Capital filed with the SEC listed Romney as 100% owner and CEO, and that Romney earned a $100,000 annual salary in 2001 and 2002 on top of his Bain investment earnings. [...]

This is even worse than I had originally thought. I just knew that Mitt Romney was/is a vulture capitalist who profited from destroying American jobs. Now we know he's caused even more damage to our economy by outsourcing formerly American jobs to China AND by hiding his money in offshore Bermuda based investments!

Remember that Mitt Romney himself invested in a Bermuda based corporation that was funding schemes to outsource formerly American jobs to China! Does Romney really think that I'm that forgetful? And does he really think that so many Americans are so stupid that they'll believe anything thrown onto a glossy mailer?

This is Mitt Romney's problem. Because he's increasingly looking like he's seeking the wrong office at the wrong time, he needs a "game changer" to save his flailing campaign. So now, he's trying to project his history of outsourcing formerly American jobs overseas onto President Obama. But not only did he make the mistake of filling this lie into my mailbox, but he's also making the bigger mistake of treating the American people like hopeless imbeciles. This will truly come back to hurt him.

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