Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why Primaries Matter

We've been talking plenty about the hot primary in Senate District 1. Last night, Pat Spearman took the hot seat and got grilled by Jon Ralston on "Face to Face".

Yet oddly enough, incumbent Senator John Lee didn't show up for what was originally to be a debate. Why wouldn't he show up to debate? It's not as if he has nothing to say. So why not just say it to Ralston and debate the primary opponent?

This is really why primaries matter. They give the grassroots an opportunity to "vet the candidates" and figure out what they really stand for. That's what John Lee has to understand. That's what's happening now in Senate District 1, as well as in other races across the state.

And this is how Progress Now Nevada's voter guide comes in quite handy. Occasionally, even I have trouble sifting through everything down ballot. It's important to know what we're voting on and why. SD 1 is perhaps the most glaring example of why these primaries matter. And especially when it comes to voting for our Legislature, we can't afford to make these decisions lightly.

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