Thursday, June 14, 2012

NV-04: Baby Tark's Delusions of Grandeur

Last night, newly minted NV-04 G-O-TEA Nominee Danny Tarkanian went on "Face to Face" to beg Jon Ralston to take his campaign seriously.

Fortunately for "Baby Tark", he also got a boost from a local Las Vegas "newspaper" trying hard to make NV-04 look like a Tossup race that Tark can win. Here's why they're wrong.

Barbara Cegavske may be gone, but "Baby Tark" looks to be inheriting her delusions of grandeur. After all, he thinks his last name entitles him to high elected office. He preaches "fiscal responsibility", but he refuses to practice what he preaches. And he really wants to debate the issues... Except when he doesn't.

Seriously, could there be a more shallow candidate than Danny Tarkanian? What does he have to offer other than his last name? Not even Clark County Republicans were impressed.

And then, there's Tark's continuing loyalty to the Romney-Heller-Heck "tea party" agenda. It's not looking all that popular overall here in Nevada, so he has a problem. Eventually, he'll need to get beyond calling President Obama and Steven Horsford "poopy heads" and actually explain why he supports bailouts for billionaires over investment in public education, green jobs, health care, and transportation infrastructure that can help stabilize and diversify Nevada's economy. And really, he needs to better explain why he's running for Congress. Until he does that, he's just engaging in meaningless delusions of grandeur.

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