Sunday, June 3, 2012

North Las Vegas: Center of the Universe?

Who knew a city on the brink of ruin could be so politically potent and determine the future of our state? Wait, what??!! Seriously, what am I talking about?

Let me explain.

Take a good look at these maps. Notice anything? You should. Right now, the hottest races are all in Nor'town.

Right now, #NVLeg watchers are fixated on the Lee v. Spearman SD 1 Democratic Primary. At the Congressional level, the NV-04 race is happening there. And in November, that, NV-Sen, and the Presidential race will all at least be partially determined by Nor'town turnout.

And in case that wasn't enough, the state's economic future may now hinge on if/how the City of North Las Vegas survives its budget crisis. Because so many city "leaders" made so many bad decisions, did no proper planning, and stupidly agreed to being shortchanged by the state, Nor'town residents are now paying the price as city services are being slashed to death and city workers are being backed into a corner by craven politicians desperate to blame someone else for all the city's woes.

So this is the insanely dramatic backdrop in which North Las Vegas politics is playing out. And ultimately, what happens in North Las Vegas probably won't stay in North Las Vegas. Rather, what happens in Nor'town will likely play a huge role in determining both the outcome of this month's primary and the November general election.

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Who knew that
a city facing a budget unraveling law suit and possible state takeover could play such a major role in Nevada politics? And who knew the balance of power in Carson City, and even to a certain extent in Washington, DC, would be determined by the final decisions made by Nor'town voters in this last week of early voting? As Nor'town voters are making their final decisions, how are they feeling about the hot mess in their city hall? How frustrated are they with politicians who seem to be out of touch with the reality they're facing every day?

How these questions are answered may just determine the future of the entire state.

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