Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Look Inside SD 1 (Lee v. Spearman Primary)

Last Thursday, a friend asked me to go with her to check out a hot campaign in North Las Vegas. Guess where I ended up. If you guessed Senate District 1, then you're correct!

Nevada Priorities PAC, the progressive coalition supporting Pat Spearman's campaign, was fired up and ready to go yesterday morning at Seastrand Park in North Las Vegas. By 9:30 AM, there were at least a dozen volunteers ready to go out and walk. There were local feminist activists, LGBTQ equality activists, and environmentalists all huddling up and grabbing walk packets. It was quite the sight.

It was also interesting to see what's actually been happening on the ground in North Las Vegas. In the precinct my friend went to, it was about an even split... Between undecided Democrats and Spearman supporters. There were very few Lee supporters. Apparently, that's been the norm for Nevada Priorities' field campaign so far. Pat Spearman has been working hard in the field, and now she's reaping the rewards.

However, that still doesn't mean beating the incumbent Senator is easy. To the contrary, John Lee has some key business lobby power players behind him, so he can't be counted out. He also has people in the field, as his flyers were still on a couple doorsteps in the neighborhood we visited yesterday. Voters here are also getting plenty of phone calls and mail drops from both sides, and the activity won't cease until the last polling sites close on Primary Election Day.

Yesterday was the first day of early voting, so it was especially important for Nevada Priorities to knock plenty of doors. Both they and Lee supporters are targeting Democratic primary voters who regularly vote, as they are the ones who nearly always determine primary results. As we've discussed before, this is where John Lee likely runs into trouble. And now, the fate of his political career lies in their hands.

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