Monday, June 4, 2012

Nevada Republicans... Are Still Not Helping Mitt Romney.

What on earth is Jim Messina talking about?

Remember when Jim Messina came here last August? Now think of all that's happened since then. Now, do you get it?

Certainly, there are many challenges that lie ahead. But as we've discussed before, it seems like Nevada Republicans aren't hesitating to lend President Obama's campaign a helping hand. Their latest hire serves as another reminder of that.

Former Utah state Rep. Carl Wimmer will become the new political director for the Nevada Republican Party — a key battleground state in the 2012 election.

Wimmer will continue to live in Herriman (Utah) and commute to Nevada "on a weekly basis."

"My primary goals for the Nevada Republican Party are to help Republican candidates get elected — including a Nevada win for Mitt Romney —aggressive fundraising and unification of the party," Wimmer said in a statement.

Wimmer was elected three times to the state House and was co-founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus, a group of conservative lawmakers focused on state sovereignty. He sponsored numerous pieces of pro-life legislation, gun rights bills and was the lead sponsor of legislation challenging federal health reform.

He was considered the frontrunner to win Utah’s new 4th Congressional District and resigned his legislative seat to campaign, but was soundly beaten at the state GOP convention in April by Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love, who won the nomination.

Oh, yes. Nothing screams #WINNING like hiring a new political director from out of state, then learning that the new political director won't even be moving into the state where his new job is! Oh, and this new political director showed his #winning skills by losing a Congressional race he was "expected to win"! So why did Carl Wimmer get this gig in the first place? Oh yes, that's right. He endorsed Ron Paul for President.

Come on, they have to remember their priorities! (And really, winning in November isn't one of them.)

This is why Mitt Romney is worrying about Nevada. And this is one big reason why Jim Messina colored Nevada light blue in his map today.

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