Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Are Nevada Democrats So Happy?

In case last weekend's love fest wasn't upbeat enough for you, here's some scenery from last night's @NVDems Henderson coordinated campaign office grand opening.

And surprise, surprise, we saw some famous faces there. Both Shelley Berkley and John Oceguera were there to celebrate their primary wins, and Dina Titus & Steven Horsford came to join in the good times as well. All in all, everyone seemed to be enjoying the good times.

But why, oh why, are they? After all, isn't Nevada such a brutal battleground swing state? Yes, although it's increasingly looking like the battle is happening within the Republican Party.

PPP's newest Nevada poll shows Obama ahead once again. And again, it looks like PPP is understating Obama's strength with a fairly conservative sample. Despite all the money Mitt Romney and his allies are spending here, he just can't catch a break.

That also spells trouble for Republicans down ballot. Since both Dean Heller and Joe Heck have tied themselves to the Romney-"tea party" agenda, the fate of their political careers likely lies with Romney's chances here. And since Romney's chances here in Nevada are increasingly looking lousy, they're running scared.

And it looks like Nevada Democrats won't let them hide. Later this week, that new Henderson office will be activating with phone bankers and canvassers. There will be plenty of field activity happening, field activity that should last all the way to November 6. And this will be complementing all the field work that OFA Nevada is doing.

This may really be Nevada Democrats' "secret weapon" that puts Shelley Berkley, John Oceguera, and Steven Horsford over the top. But shhhh, don't tell the Republicans about it. Oh wait, that's right. They're too busy jumping sharks to even care.

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