Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why "Tea Party, Inc." Fears The Education Initiative

Ah, the smell of pure desperation!

The Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs filed a lawsuit today against the “Education Initiative” (margin tax Initiative) charging that that the petition’s description of effect is deceptive and incomplete and that it violates the single-subject rule.

The complaint was filed in Carson City District Court.

“From the title on down, the initiative is deeply flawed and misleading,” said Josh Hicks, of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, the attorney for the Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs. “The initiative has nothing to do with education and includes many aspects that are not mentioned in the initiative’s description. We believe that as written, this initiative violates Nevada law.”

The "Tea Party, Inc." coalition opposing the corporate margin tax must figure they have to grasp at straws to stop this. After all, they know the rules on initiatives. They know AFL-CIO & NSEA couldn't insert a funding mandate, as that would violate the single subject rule. Come on, these are the very same folks who used the single subject rule to kill Kermitt Waters' budget initiative!

So now, they're arguing the AFL-CIO/NSEA tax initiative is illegal because it abides by the single subject rule? What a joke.

And by the way, if this "Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs" cared so much about false advertising, why don't they drop their name? After all, their reign in Carson City has done nothing to bring new and better jobs to our state.

We all know why "Tea Party, Inc." power players are really filing this law suit. They know Nevadans are sick and tired of the status quo, so this is their last ditch effort to prevent the initiative from collecting signatures and going to the voters in 2014 (or if Democrats somehow win 2/3 in both houses of the Legislature and all other stars align for progressives, it's passed by the Legislature next year). After having such an iron grip over state government for so long, they're finally at risk of losing it. This may be one small initiative for one small corporate tax, but it will have big repercussions if it succeeds.

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