Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wherein Nevada Is Positioned to Remain a "Blue State" in 2012, Part II

Last October, I could already see the train wreck coming. And now, it's about to get awfully messy over here.

Ron Paul actually came here early yesterday to rally his base with more nonsensical rants against the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile in the other end of the valley, "Frothy" Ricky Santorum also came early to win over Sharrontology's true believers. The fireworks are already starting, and the crazy here is about to be turned up some more once Mittens and Newton finally come to town.

Believe it or not, there is plenty at stake here in The Silver State. Despite Romney winning Florida last night (ahem, with under 50% of the vote), the G-O-TEA primary race is still incredibly unsettled. And with expectations all over the place for Saturday, we don't really know what will ultimately be considered a true "Romney win".

However, we are starting to see how all this G-O-TEA madness will be coming back to bite them all this fall. This morning, Harry Reid, Richard Bryan, and Bob Miller penned this Las Vegas Sun op-ed detailing how Mittens' courtship with "Tea Party, Inc." has taken him, and the entire Republican Party, way out of the Nevada mainstream. Because Romney has worked overtime to compete with the other "clown car candidates" in pandering to the "tea party", he's sounding increasingly insane.

Oh yes, try telling this to poor folks here in Nevada. And try making sense of this.

Between his "blind trusts" that are not so "blind" after all, his extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric, his profits from home foreclosures amassing while he told us "not to try and stop the foreclosure process", his embrace of extreme homophobic bigots, and his unabashed celebration of his own status as "Mr. 1%", Mitt Romney is doing a great job in making himself unelectable. Don't believe me? Look at the numbers.

Nevadans are looking for a leader who's really interested in solving the problems we face. We need a leader who's willing to fight for an economy that's built to last, and one that works for everyone. And now, the big picture is starting to look clearer as we see the leader who's been here all along.

Barack Obama has been an extraordinary president. He works harder than anyone to advocate for the American worker, the American middle class and the American consumer. He has turned an economy bleeding 700,000 jobs a month at the time he took office to one that created 3.2 million private sector jobs in the last 22 months. He waged his presidency and all of his political capital for something he believed in and got done what other presidents - Democratic and Republican - have been talking about for over half a century: health care reform. He put forth the toughest set of regulations on Wall Street since the 1930s and created the first ever consumer watchdog agency at the federal level. He passed credit card reform and student loan reform.

He repealed the reprehensible policy that said one couldn't serve the country they love if the person they love happened to be of the wrong gender. He instituted equal pay for women and required hospitals to respect the committed relationships of same sex couples. He delivered the first tax cut for the working poor in memory in the form of a payroll tax cut. He almost singlehandedly rescued the American auto industry and saved a million jobs. He signed trade deals that will actually help American manufacturing and American jobs.

Oh, and he took out Osama bin Laden and crippled Al Qaeda. He engaged the world community in Libya, led a mission as part of NATO to aid the Libyan people free themselves. He ended the war in Iraq.

You want to know why Nevada will be a "Blue State" again this year? You need not look any further than the President... And the G-O-TEA buffoons who are (unintentionally) showing us why the President deserves reelection.

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