Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is This for Real?

Remember this?

– Trump told Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain that Romney is “going to lose” because he can’t connect with voters. “No, he’s going to lose. He doesn’t resonate, you know? Or he would have won last time, in all fairness to your father! He was scheduled to win last time, and he didn’t because your father outdid him. You understand. I watched [Romney] make a speech, and it was all these little trivial statements.”

– Trump told CNN that Romney killed jobs at Bain Capital. “Mitt Romney is basically a small business guy.” “He walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn’t create. He worked there, he didn’t create. He would buy companies, he’d close companies, he’d get rid of jobs.”

– Trump slammed Romney’s record as governor on ABC. “If you look at his record as governor, it wasn’t totally stellar. His job production was not great at all. In fact, it was the third worst in the nation. There are some pretty negative things with respect to Mitt Romney, which frankly he’s going to have to overcome.”

Donald Trump is now endorsing Mitt Romney... After someone else told 8 News that he was about to endorse Newt Gingrich. Wow. What else can I say?

Oh, I know now... She's back!

And Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron is bestowing her crazy juice upon "Frothy" Ricky Santorum. He must be awfully proud.

And then, there's Ron Paul... And his always loyal supporters. Yes, believe it or not, this is what qualifies as "enthusiasm" in today's G-O-TEA here in Nevada. And no, they still don't want to "behave" and fall in line behind the eventual nominee.

And really, it may be more than just Ron Paul's people that give Republican bosses more headaches. As Mittens has tacked further and further and further to the radical right to win over the hearts and minds of G-O-TEA primary voters, his favorability numbers among the general electorate have dropped like a rock. And as the overall G-O-TEA numbers against President Obama worsen, party leaders must be freaking out.

And why shouldn't they? Donald Trump is stealing the headlines yet again. And Sharrontology still won't go away. And whenever Mittens does get the spotlight, he reminds us all why he's so proud of being "Mr. 1%". And in all the efforts to win over the TEA-nuts once and for all, the Republican Party continues to remake itself into a ridiculous circus that Nevadans, and other Americans throughout the country, just can't take seriously.

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