Friday, February 3, 2012

Does It Matter Who Wins Tomorrow?

As we're only about 24 hours away from all the fun and games of the Nevada G-O-TEA Caucus, the various campaigns are trying all sorts of last-minute attempts to capture momentum and win over any undecided caucus-goers left. Mitt Romney's supporters Someone is floating rumors that Nevada's own Brian Sandoval may end up on Mittens' VP short list. Meanwhile in libertarian fringe-ville, Ron Paul continues to insist that Romney doesn't have the LDS vote locked up. And Newton? Since his faux-populist campaign seems to be going nowhere fast here in The Silver State, he's just giving up.

But even considering all of this, is there something that can influence the upcoming election even more? Yes, but it's probably not what you think. Regardless of what happens at tomorrow's caucus sites, Republicans will have to face this reality. And this.

Think about it. The whole G-O-TEA plan to win the general election this fall has been based on blaming President Obama for a horrible economy. But as their "leaders" in Congress prove they care nothing about improving the economy while President Obama now has a growing body of evidence to prove his economic policies are working. I guess this can explain why Mitt Romney is having a complete nervous breakdown over the new unemployment numbers.

Maybe this also explains his newfound love of Donald Trump?

And this may explain why Nevadans have yet to get excited about the whole G-O-TEA clown car catastrophe.

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