Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Now, This Is Tragic.

Last Tuesday, I wrote about how local governments in Southern Nevada have had to struggle with the tarnish of scandal. I did not expect to come back here a week later and write about this. Right now, I'm just shocked and saddened to learn of this.

Sources say Kathleen Vermillion’s 15-year-old daughter saved her life after finding her in medical distress about midnight Friday and calling 911 for help.

Vermillion, an ex-Henderson City Council member who is being investigated by the FBI and who lost her job as the head of a charity she founded 10 years ago, appeared to have attempted suicide with an overdose of pills, sources said.

She was transferred to a local hospital and is under observation.

“Her daughter saved her life,” a source close to the family said.

Regardless of what one now thinks of the scandal that took down Vermillion's political career, destroyed the reputation of the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, and continues to involve Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak (D-Henderson), it's taken a turn... And a very disturbing one at that. This is now about more than just the political future of Steve Sisolak. This has turned personal, and this is simply tragic.

I sincerely hope Kathleen Vermillion is seeking help to deal with whatever ails her now. Speaking from my own personal experience in dealing with personal hardship and family problems, I know crap like this takes a real toll on one's soul. Just setting aside the political issues for now, I hope Vermillion can find the help she needs and the help her daughter will probably need to navigate through what's become a family crisis.

I never wanted to have to write this kind of follow-up to last week's diary. It's just saddening to see this political scandal turn into a personal tragedy.

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