Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sheldon Gives Newton Another Lifeline (& Mittens Rejoices)

He's back...

The top super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich is going up with nearly $900,000 worth of radio ads in six key states holding contests in the next two weeks.

The Winning Our Future ad buy appears to come on the heels of another significant cash infusion from casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and gives Gingrich the kind of presence on the airwaves that he hasn’t had on Super Tuesday, which could be a make-or-break moment for his struggling campaign.

According to figures provided to The Fix by a media buy, the super PAC bought $238,000 worth of ads in Georgia, $235,000 in Ohio, $172,000 in Tennessee and $98,000 in Oklahoma. It is also buying in two Southern states holding primaries a week later — $92,000 in Alabama and $32,000 in Mississippi.

Are any of us surprised? He spent his way to put Newton on top in South Carolina last month. And it seems that Gingrich (and perhaps Romney soon?) will be more than happy to keep taking Adelson's money despite growing concerns over his company's legal problems involving his Macau casinos.

So much for Willard and Newton trying to call everyone else a "Manchurian Candidate"...

It looks like The Chicago Tribune caught a sneak preview of Newton's Super PAC's upcoming attack ads.

One of the new TV ads features what appears to be man-on-the-street interviews with working-class voters who express suspicion of Romney.

“I looked at Mitt Romney’s record and I can’t figure out what he stands for,” says one woman. “It changes.”

“I just don’t relate to Romney,” says another woman.

“I really don’t know if I can trust him,” adds a man.

One of the women describes Gingrich as “the only one who understands what we’re going through today,” citing the high price of gas. “Romney’s not the type to pump his own gas,” she adds, as the screen shows an image of Romney boarding a private plane. [...]

A series of new radio commercials that are airing nationally, designed to sound like a call-in radio show, takes aim at both Romney and Santorum.

In one, a caller named Joey with a distinct New Jersey accent dismisses the idea that Romney could be the GOP nominee.

“Somethin’ about him,” Joey says. “He’s not one of us. He’s not tough enough. And Rick? He ain’t my guy, either. What’s he ever done?... If you really want to stick it to the bums in D.C., it’s Newt. The guy’s a fighter. And he ain’t afraid to hurt nobody’s feelings.… You imagine what he’d do to Obama in a debate? He’d take him apart.”

Hmmm... So Newton is attacking both Mittens and Ricky? It does make me wonder what his Super PAC chief and Sheldon Adelson are thinking here. However, I'm sure some folks in Chicago are quite happy to see Newton's vanity contribute to the implosion of the G-O-TEA this year.

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