Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Who Is Mittens, Really?

(I wrote this earlier in the week for Nevada Stonewall. And after seeing Mittens' disgusting and juvenile reaction to the Prop 8 ruling, I just don't see how anyone can keep calling him "moderate".)

One of the most carefully set up constructs of Mitt Romney's campaign is his "moderate" persona. It's what's convinced so many pundits of his "electability". But conversely, it's also convinced so many "tea party" types that he's not a "true conservative"... Which has led Mittens to take increasingly extreme radical right positions on nearly every issue to win them over. Yet despite all this, many media pundits continue trying to convince us that Mitt Romney is still "moderate".

So is this really true?

Looking at his record on matters of equality, I'd say not. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

He's given at least $35,000 to homophobic, anti-equality organizations. One of the groups Romney supported was the Massachusetts Family Institute, an organization that's tried to repeal Massachusetts' marriage equality law, as well as engage in irrational fearmongering over public education. Another beneficiary of Romney's largesse was The Becket Fund, another intensely homophobic religious right organization that openly supports anti-LGBTQ discrimination. When it comes to following Mitt Romney's money trail, that trail definitely leads to discrimination.

Now yes, in the past Romney seemed much more open-minded towards LGBTQ equality. But even before he began running for President, Romney often sent mixed messages. And ever since he began running for President, Romney's message started sounding much clearer in its embrace of discrimination.

One of Romney's top fundraisers is a foreign agent of the United Arab Emirates, a country that has landed in hot water recently for its embrace of forcing "ex-gay therapy" on its citizens. Another of Romney's top endorsers is an extremely homophobic minister who actually tried to blame the 9/11 terrorist attacks on marriage equality! And in case the people Romney surrounds himself with isn't bad enough for us, then check out Willard's own words.

He now speaks against marriage equality constantly, he's signed NOM's radical, pro-discrimination, anti-marriage equality pledge, and he's even proposed a "3 tier system" to segregate LGBTQ families and treat us differently! Not even the Log Cabin Republicans could stomach this, and they have strongly condemned Romney's proposal to bring back segregation in the 21st century. WTF??!!

Anyone who continues to tell us with a straight face (pun intended?) that Mitt Romney is "moderate" either does not know his real record or is being deceitful. Romney is now on record opposing our economy, and he merrily accepts support from the most extreme anti-equality radicals who want to turn the clock back and shove us all back in the closet. If that's "moderate", then are the likes of Richard Ziser and Michele Bachmann also "moderate"?

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