Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Do We Let Them Call the Shots?

Are they serious? Or is this clickbait? Or has everyone at the NRA stopped caring about even attempting to sound sane & rational?

Fresh off going Godwin in Washington State, the NRA decided today is a terrific day to release this new video from "official ammosexual man candy" Dom Raso celebrating the "right" of blind people to fire guns.

Sure, eye sight isn't necessary to fire a gun. It's just necessary to properly aim a gun.

And no, that's not "discriminatory". That's common sense. There's a reason why blind people don't drive. (Hell, it may be the same reason why we don't drive!)

But as of late, the NRA and its "TEA" fueled allies have declared war on common sense and rational thought. The Open Carry crowd decided to release a new children's book celebrating mommy & daddy packing heat at the grocery store. They're also rallying behind Peter Nathan Steinhetz, the Arizona medical researcher who thought it was a great idea and a cogent "political statement" to carry a loaded AR-15 assault weapon into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport... And point it at a woman & her daughter.

But then again, why are we suprised by any of this? We're talking about the same "gun rights movement" that celebrates the lawlessness of Cliven Bundy and his Patriot Movement cohorts, defends the "right" of Jerad Miller to get his hands on lethal firearms (so he can "start the revolution"), and demands more "Stand Your Ground" laws so that Darren Mack and George Zimmerman can keep shooting whenever they feel "threatened" by such things as court orders and hoodies.

Why do we let them call the shots? Why do we let the NRA and gun industry dictate to us how (not) to regulate firearms? If we have basic safety standards in place for our cars, our homes, and our places of work, why can't we have basic safety standards in place for items that are literally built to kill? Think about that.

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  1. To disarm all Americans is what Liberal Democrats want to do, leaving you unable to defend your family or yourself. Protect your rights join the NRA!