Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Real Issue

Goodbye, "rebranding". And hello, stone cold silence. We've actually known for some time that Republican rebranding" was going nowhere fast. As soon as it was manufactured, that facade began to fall apart.

Sure, G-O-TEA party "leaders" still occasionally deploy "soft language". However, that's only meant to deflect from the hard reality of their "political issue".

So how do they really feel? Listen to their base. Here's world renowned G-O-TEA s--t stirrer Laura Ingraham attacking the Whittington and Jackson families, as well as all other American families who strive to do what's best for their children.

Wait, aren't Republicans the party of "family values"? No, not really. They're just the party of doing whatever it takes to continue placating their deranged 21st Century Know Nothing base while tricking just enough non-extreme voters to win some more elections. Hell, they're not even above playing into their base's apocalyptic fantasies of Ebola delivering them from the plague of "teh gayzzz".

We know G-O-TEA Culture Warriors love to play the victim. Yet while they engage in melodramtic temper tantrums, real LGBTQ Americans continue to face real bigotry, real discrimination, and real danger. If they won't listen to us, they should listen to Laverne Cox.

And if G-O-TEA politicians like Cresent Hardy and Adam Laxalt still have trouble understanding "segregation laws', they need to go to Arizona and see Monica Jones. She was essentially convicted of "walking while trans*", as the full time Arizona State University student walked into the car of an undercover Phoenix police officer... And a bogus "prostitution" conviction.

Aren't Republicans supposed to be the party of "free enterprise", "limited government", and "individual liberties"? Then why don't they pay attention to the many business leaders who have endorsed marriage equality? Why don't they notice the economic benefits of workplace equality and marriage equality? Oh, and why don't they just drop the scare tactics they're using to butt into people's lives?

Sure, G-O-TEA politicians don't want to talk about "social issues" now. That's simply because their campaign consultants told them they'll lose their elections if they do so. However, they still haven't stopped pandering to their Culture Warrior base. They still haven't changed their position on civil rights. Nope, they've only changed some rhetoric here and there.

This is the real issue. Let's not forget that.

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