Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Boobs

They still haven't learned. And no, not even an entire online TV channel can save the fine folks at the NRA from their own insani-TEA. Hell, not even an entire online TV channel can save the NRA (and its BFF Open Carry Texas) from an army of topless women armed with "boobs for peace"!

But wait, there's more. Not wanting to be outdone by a bunch of ragtag Texas women daring to "bare it all", the NRA decided to go Godwin.

Oh, yes. That's right. An NRA lobbyist Brian Judy actually compared expansion of background checks to the genocidal tyranny of Nazi Germany. Wait, what?!

The NRA and its "TEA" powered allies in Washington State are furious over Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer supporting I-594. So not only did the NRA decide to engage in "Everyone gets a gun!" style socialism, but one of its Washington lobbyists actually attacked Hanauer, his Jewish heritage. And then, he claimed Hanauer is trying to disarm the proletariat, provoke Helter Skelter, and celebrate his family's escape from Nazi Germany by endorsing the alleged policies that would have exterminated them.

Wait, what?! We know the NRA is trying hard to "rebrand" itself as "the nation's oldest civil rights organization", but this is just beyond the pale. It was bad enough when the NRA celebrated George Zimmerman's ruthless slaughter of Trayvon Martin. It only worsened when the NRA then encouraged Cliven Bundy and his "Patriot Movement" comrades to start a "Range War" in Bunkerville. And it only became more tragically revolting when the NRA's favorite G-O-TEA politicians boasted about being "what stood in the way" of mere background checks legislation (like Washington's I-594) that could have prevented Jerad & Amanda Miller from obtaining the weapons they needed to slaughter two Las Vegas Metro police officers and one civilian in June.

Those women in Austin may have revealed their bare breasts as a response to ammosexual idiocy, but the NRA and its allies seem to be the real boobs here. Either they're incredibly clueless about their own "legacy of civil rights", or they're attempting to be "too clever by half" by adopting this rhetoric. Either way, they sound like idiots. Either way, they're the ultimate boobs.

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