Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Apocalypse Now

Last week, heads exploded over at Fox "Business". Host Stuart Varney wasn't expecting a Republican former EPA chief to say something rational. But alas, Former New Jersey Governor (& later George Bush era EPA Administrator) Christie Todd Whitman (R) shocked Fox "Business" with some candid talk on climate change... And climate action.

Ever since President Obama announced his climate action plan, the usual G-O-TEA suspects have turned apoplectic. They've gone Godwin. They've turned up the denial to a whole new level. They've embraced even more outrageous conspiracy theories. And of course, they've claimed this is truly just a sign that Jesus is about to magically zap them up to heaven and leave all of us heathens behind to burn.

Have any of them even tried to step away from "700 Club" (and Fox "News") and flip on the real news? Don't they realize California is already on fire? Hello, this is apocalypse now.

This past June was the hottest June on record. Drought has hit the American West quite hard. And now, wildfires are running rampant from California all the way to Washington State.

Here in Nevada, the mercury finally dropped after Reno and other parts of Northern Nevada broke records. Las Vegas even experienced some heavy rain yesterday.

We badly need the rain. Last month, Lake Mead hit a record low water level. Meanwhile up north, wildfire season began incredibly early this year. And thanks to climate change, the excessive heat, parching drought, and epic wildfires are increasingly becoming "the new normal".

So what did Congress do before skipping town last Friday? Nothing. No really, House Republican "leaders" decided to adjourn for August recess without even allowing a floor vote on bipartisan wildfire aid legislation. Needless to say, Nevada and the rest of The West are now at risk of fighting epic wildfires with no federal assistance. Instead, House Republicans (cough- Joe Heck- cough- Mark Amodei -cough) are suing President Obama for daring to #ActOnClimate.

We know the G-O-TEA base has been losing its s--t as of late over apocalyptic fairy tales. Republican "leaders" have even been throwing their support behind these fairy tales. But perhaps instead of freaking out over apocalyptic fairy tales, they should open their eyes and notice the apocalyptic images appearing throughout The West. Oh, and they need to realize they can actually do something to stop it.

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