Thursday, August 28, 2014

Smart Funding Solution

On Monday, we made a field trip to Gibson Elementary School in Henderson's Green Valley to witness the wonder that is #BackToSchool. We noticed parents dropping children off and teachers taking them in. We noticed Nevada children starting a new year full of new adventures.

We couldn't help but notice the classroom trailers, outdated textbooks, and overcrowded environment. And we weren't alone. That's why a group of concerned citizens, parents, teachers, and local business owners, stopped by Gibson Elementary on Monday to urge Nevadans to pass The Education Initiative (TEI) this fall.

Did someone at LVGEA catch our report? The "Esmeralda Straw Man Group" actually released an op-ed for the "newspaper" claiming they just want TEI supporters to "join with" them to find "smart funding solutions for our K-12 education system".

Oh, really? So now, LVGEA and the rest of the "bid'ness community" want "smart funding solutions"?

Like what? An overdue and illegal campaign stunt? Or defunding Esmeralda County schools? Or perhaps another regressive "service tax"?

Or are LVGEA and its fellow TEI haters just proposing the same "smart funding solution" they always end up supporting? Come on, you know what that is: Nothing.

So don't blame us for doubting the sincerity of LVGEA's latest commitment to "smart funding solutions". Hell, that op-ed promising "smart funding solutions" didn't name any specific "solutions". Gee, we wonder why. Could it be due to Nevada's recent history on "solutions"? And might it be due to the fact that the lack of real solutions is what created the demand for TEI in the first place?

LVGEA and other "bid'ness community" mouthpieces can spin as much as they want, but they can't spin the facts away. The only true smart funding solution is the one on our fall ballots: TEI. After all, the only "smart funding solutions" we know of are ones that actually exist.

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