Monday, August 4, 2014

"Age Old Battles Between Good & Evil"

Last week, House Republican "leaders" flipped and flopped and flailed. And ultimately, they completely fell to pieces before they finally capitulated to their most extreme elements in order to "pass something". And of course, that "something" they passed last Friday was nothing but a 21st Century Know Nothing wet dream.

Yet while House Republican "leaders" were flailing on Capitol Hill, Patriot Movement militia outfits were regeouping. After failing to build a critical mass at the US-Mexico Border early last month, they're now mobilizing in Texas. They're wearing camouflage and carrying assault weapons. Some are wearing masks. And a one Texas militia chief spokesman actually recommended making death threats at the border.

So are we now supposed to call this "border security"? Cliven Bundy seems to think so. And that's not all. The "outlaw cowboy" and self-proclaimed "Constitutional law expert" now claims his own "Range War" against the rule of law is actually an "age old battle between good and evil".

Oh really, Cliven? Violent militia "range wars" are actually "age old battles between good and evil"? Is this how we're supposed to describe the "revolution" that #BundyRanch guerilla warriors Jerad & Amanda Miller brought to Las Vegas in June?

"Age old battles between good and evil"... Is that how we're supposed to describe Shawna Forde and her cohorts opening fire on a Southern Arizona family and murdering an innocent girl & her father?

"Age old battles between good and evil"... Like the one JT Ready fought against an innocent Phoenix area family?

"Age old battles between good and evil"... So this is the new Patriot Movement call to arms? Do they even realize what they're implicitly admitting? Do they realize what Cliven Bundy just revealed to us?

And do the "TEA" powered politicians & "TEA" flavored media pundits realize they're (again) encouraging some rather dangerous behavior with their incendiary rhetoric? "War on whites"? Rape? Ebola? World War II? Really?

And House Speaker John Boehner (R-Craven) wonders why his caucus has gone off the deep end?

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