Monday, August 11, 2014

Worst Kept Secret

Last week, a G-O-TEA Member of Congress told us a secret. No really, he went on live national TV and told everyone the secret. And even though this secret was never well kept to begin with, party bosses were embarrassed.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) seemed to think he landed the perfect attack against President Obama with his "War on Whites" tirade. Instead, he revealed to all of America why Republican "leaders" abandoned comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) after 18 months of duplicitous promises and 12 months of letting a bipartisan Senate CIR bill die a rather ignominious death in some darkened corner of a House committee room.

In recent weeks, we've been digging deep into the anti-immigrant movement and how it's influencing federal immigration policy. While John Tanton, Jim Gilchrist, William Gheen, and the late Barbara Coe have never served in Congress, their presence on Capitol Hill looms large. Over the years, they've squeezed their hate into political juice. And in turn, they've twice succeeded in killing CIR in Congress (first in 2006, and again now).

Oh, and speaking of Jim Gilchrist, he made a big splash on the brand new Newsmax TV network last week. Since Newsmax TV strives to be "Fox News" on steroids, cocaine, LSD, and Ecstasy all rolled into one, Gikchrist must have figured this would be a very friendly interview. But when Newsmax's Ed Berliner asked Gilchrist about Shawna Forde, Chris Simcox, and other unsavory moments in Minuteman history, Gilchrist clammed up.

So why are we talking about Gilchrist and his magnificent militia fantasies again? And why are we talking about the criminal record of his past close associates again?

See above. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) just wrote an op-ed for WorldNetDaily (which is on par with Newsmax in the bats--t crazy department, yet incredibly "respected" on Capitol Hill) demanding "we should all stock our ammunition shelves and join a militia" if President Obama isn't impeached. Meanwhile in Fox-land, G-O-TEA media spinners have been trying to turn an ex-Marine on trial in Mexico for gun smuggling charges into the new Cliven Bundy. And Former G-O-TEA Presidential Candidate (& current CNN pundit) Newt Gingrich went on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday to claim "Venezuelan Style, Anything I Want Is Legal Presidency" is somehow right around the corner if President Obama takes any further executive action on immigration.

G-O-TEA Congresscritters and their favorite media pundits have been taking queues from the anti-immigrant movement for years. They blocked CIR. They're threatening legal action against the President for taking any executive action on the issue. And they've been engaging in the most toxic fearmongering imaginable.

So is it any suprise that radical right militia activity is on the rise (again)? This may very well be the worst kept secret in DC. Words have consequences, and actions have even more consequences. And it's time to completely rip the lid off this poorly kept secret.

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