Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Village Idiots

Who knew this is what a true crisis looks like? It's so shocking. It's so eye-popping. And it's oh so... Stupid.

Arizona State Rep. Adam Kwasman (R) wants to move up to Congress. Apparently, he saw yesterday's big anti-immigrant protest in Oracle, Arizona, as a great campaign photo-op. So he traveled to Oracle and called attention to a big yellow school bus. And then, this happened.

At least Rep. Mark Amodei (R-Carson City) had a tele-town-hall to hide behind when he was asked about immigration on Monday. And at least Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) was nowhere to be found when immigrant rights activists showed up at his district office yesterday. But alas, Adam Kwasman wasn't that lucky. And he certainly wasn't prepared for the revelation that the big yellow school bus actually contained local YMCA campers.

Who knew it could be so fun to stay at the YMCA? But alas, the children weren't greeted by the real Village People. Rather, they were greeted by the seemingly surreal village idiots.

The only ones missing from the village idiots' convention were Cliven Bundy and the rest of the "Patriot Movement" domestic terrorists haterade addicts. After all, we know how much fun they have at the YMCA.

But seriously, this is ridiculous. Actually, this whole display of idiocy by the 21st Century Know Nothings is ridiculous. It's as ridiculous as Adam Kwasman's Congressional campaign... And dare we say it's as ridiculous as Adam Laxalt's entire political career.

Who knew this is what a true crisis looks like? Actually, we did. And we've been pointing this out ever since the media began discussing "Republican rebranding".

As usual, you're welcome.

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