Monday, July 14, 2014

Borderline Grandstanding

And just like that, she's back. What? You thought she'd pass up another opportunity to grab some more cringe worthy headlines?

Ann Coulter has never been one to shy away from flame wars. Rather, she revels in starting them. So today, she decided to cap off her xenophobic campaign against soccer with a Twitter tirade against newly minted MSNBC daytime host Jose Diaz Balart.

But wait, what exactly did Jose Diaz Balart do? Oh, he just did a live interview on his debut show with Maria, a teenage girl from Honduras who recently came to the US to escape the living hell that her former home had become.

This morning, Jose Diaz Balart dared to expose the real life human tragedy that's fueling the Central American refugee crisis. That's why the usual G-O-TEA suspects are fuming. It's so much easier to stage an ammosexual orgy a "Border visit" photo-op.

Once upon a time, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) made a big splash in helping pass S 744. But when the 21st Century Know Nothings demanded an end to any kind of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), Senator Rubio turned around to kill his own bill.

But now, all of a sudden, Senator Marco Rubio wants his own CIR bill brought back to life... After he helped kill it in such a brutal manner. We can only wonder what inspired Senator Rubio's latest flip-flop change of heart.

Is it the tremendous backlog of cases in immigration courts? Is it the discovery that his G-O-TEA colleagues on Capitol Hill passed up $900 billion in federal budget dedicit reduction to wage a fight over a mere $4 billion to address this immediate issue? Is it the sight of all these refugees coming here to escape the suffering they've endured in Central America? Or is it just the realization that most of his fellow Congressional Republicans once again failed to solve the crisis they created?

As we've discussed before, these refugees are real people. They are coming here to escape the real life horror story that Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have become. Pointless "borderline grandstanding" will do nothing to solve this problem.

It's always easier to attack a theoretical construct than it is to denigrate real people escaping real suffering. Right now, many Congressional Republicans think they can stir up some "borderline grandstanding" and use it to their advantage this fall and in 2016. They may want to think twice before they proceed any further down this road.

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