Thursday, July 10, 2014

They Are Real People.

These are children. These are families. Keep that in mind.

They are real people. Don't forget that. We know it's easy to forget this when the usual "TEA" fueled blowhards, pundits, & spinners take to the airwaves to scream about conspiratorial nonsense.

These are children. These are families. These are people. They're not Rick Perry's personal political punching bags.

G-O-TEA politicians & pundits are busy attacking President Obama (and threatening to impeach him) because he "refuses to act". Never mind that the President has already sent a $3.7 billion emergency appropriations bill to Congress to address the current Central American migrant crisis. Never mind that the President is taking some heat from human rights advocates for proposing to deport so many of these refugees. And never mind that the solution so many Congressional Republicans claim they want has been on their desks for the past year, just waiting for their action: S 744/HR 15.

The US Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) just over a year ago. The bill they passed, S 744, has been awaiting House action. Last fall, Rep. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) and a bipartisan coalition of his House colleagues introduced HR 15 as a companion bill to S 744. For 9 months, HR 15 has been sitting in some dark House Committee room and waiting for further action. Why won't those allegedly "pro-reform Republicans" (cough- Joe Heck- cough) demand a floor vote for HR 15 now? Why can't they even take the $3.7 billion package that the President is offering them?

S 744 included an additional $30 billion for border security. And that's on top of all the billions in additional border security the federal government has spent in the past 5 years. Oh, and let's not forget the 2,000,000+ immigrants who have been apprehended & deported since President Obama took office.

Let's get real here. This isn't a "border security problem". This isn't an "Obama problem". And while this is a political problem, it's not actually what certain pundits & personalities claim it is.

These are children. These are families. They are real people. They are refugees.

They're not "illegals". They're not "aliens". They're not "garbage" that somehow needs to be "disposed of". They are real people. And it's a damned shame we are having this protracted debate on whether to humanely treat actual human beings.

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