Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stand for Something (Real)

This again? Really? Must we cover this again?

It was illegal. When the Nevada Legislature declined to even take a vote on IP 1/The Education Initiative (TEI), the Legislature forfeited the legal opportunity to introduce an alternative to TEI.

Of course, this little thing called the Nevada Constitution didn't stop State Senator Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) from proposing an alternative mining tax initiative. One would think that a trained lawyer would pay attention to small matters like the law. But apparently, lack of legal standing wasn't enough to stop him from pursuing this odd political gambit.

Ultimately, Senator Roberson's illegal tax proposal went nowhere. With most Republicans resisting it, it simply had no chance. However, that didn't stop him and his favorite media pundit from trying to pin the blame onto someone else.

Now, Senator Michael Roberson is at it again. He's again claiming he wants to "increase education funding". But this time, something's different. Actually this time, something's missing.

That's because this time, Roberson is not explaining how he will fund his plan to "increase education funding". Perhaps he's a fan of a certain offensive Dire Straits song, but he must ultimately acknowledge the reality that there is no such thing as "money for nothing & chicks for free". Roberson will ultimately to show us the money he wants to use to "increase education funding". And this time, he will need to make sure his fiscal plan is actually legal.

We can only wonder why Senator Roberson is saying this now. Might he be afraid that the comically hyperbolic campaign against The Education Initiative can backfire? Or is he afraid that Teresa Lowry, his opponent in the general election in SD 20, might actually pull off an upset victory over him this fall?

We know Senator Roberson really wants to win some elections this fall. And we know he really wants a certain title he's been coveting for nearly 3 years. He just seems to be forgetting an important lesson: Outside the bubble of media pundits and Carson City lobbyists, these political stunts simply fall flat. He'll need to actually stand for something (real), since most voters won't simply fall for anything.

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