Thursday, July 17, 2014

Consider This

Another one? There was actually another one. Sadly, there was.

This time, it happened at Fashion Show Tuesday night. Oh, yes. That's right. There was another Las Vegas Strip shooting this week.

So far, the wounded victim has declined to speak to Metro Police about what occurred. After initial speculation about gang involvement, Metro Police now say this shooting was likely not gang motivated. They're still asking the public for help as they investigate.

Last year, we witnessed several Las Vegas Strip shootings. Earlier this year, we saw an alarming near miss at "Thunder Down Under". And now, there's this.

Oh, and there's this. In Stockton, California, 3 bank robbery suspects shot at police officers with AK-47 style assault weapons. A shootout then broke out with both sides trading fire. And ultimately, an innocent hostage and 2 of the suspects were shot dead. 2 more hostages were also shot, and they remain in critical condition.

Consider this: Where did these individuals (in Las Vegas and Stockton) obtain these firearms? And how did they do so? Could it be that they took advantage of the same loophole that Jerad Miller exploited to kick off his bloody "revolution"?

Now consider this: What stood in the way of even modest efforts to strengthen background checks to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands? Who stood in the way? And why did they do do?

Perhaps it's finally time for us to rethink our haphazard approach to all this #gunfail?

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