Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Think About It.

He thought he could get away with it. He thought he had pulled off the perfect switcheroo. He thought he had deftly handled this "political hot potato".

Now, it looks like the potato just exploded in Rep. Joe Heck's (R-Henderson) face. Rep. Joe Heck had tried hard to have it both ways on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). But after 16 months of dancing around the issue, Rep. Heck finally publicly embraced the 21st Century Know Nothings last month when he allowed his staff to call the police on immigrant rights activists. Rep. Heck then doubled down on this earlier this month by personally dismissing immigrant rights activists in Boulder City.

#Vegas families calling 4 @RepJoeHeck to stop blocking #CIR #... on Twitpic

And now, Heck's 21st Century Know Nothing base is exploding in rage over children. Yet while he's been busy pandering to them, other NV-03 residents have been waiting to be heard. Yesterday, they paid a visit to Rep. Heck's Henderson adjacent district office.

Remember that while politicians & pundits are screaming over #BorderChildren (and failing to note their own role in creating this crisis), we're witnessing tragedies unfold throughout the nation. American families have had to live in fear of being torn apart. And yes, American kids must live in fear of having their DREAMs ripped to shreds.

Immigrants come here seeking a better life. They come for various reasons, and they come from different parts of the world. But ultimately, they come here seeking "The American Dream".

Hell, this has been happening for over 500 years. Unless you're Native American, your ancestors were immigrants. Even Rep. Heck has acknowledged that his grandparents immigrated from Italy. Does he realize what they experienced when they came here?

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Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Think about it. Rep. Heck's ancestors came to America seeking a better life. Our ancestors came to America seeking a better life. US immigration law has frequently changed over the past 238 years. And the first European immigrants to America were "illegal" in that they were confiscating tribal lands.

So really, who are we to break up American families? Who are we to denigrate refugee children? And who are Rep. Heck and his Congressional colleagues (particularly the "TEA" flavored ones) to lecture everyone else on immigration policy? Think about that.

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