Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How About Those "Family Values"

It's something they always talk about. It's something they want us to believe they care about. So why does it all too often seem like they don't really give a flying f--k about it?

Of course, we're talking about the G-O-TEA's relationship with "family values". Even as "TEA" flavored politicians have boasted about their "pro-family record", they've stood by and allowed millions of American families to be ripped apart. And on top of that, they want to rip apart many millions more American families.

And now, they're targeting children. Oh, yes. That's right. The alleged "pro-life party" is now speaking of refugee children as if they're a horde of terrorists and/or walking diseases.

In recent days, we've been investigating the source of all this vitriol that's now being directed at Central American migrant children. John Tanton and the late Barbara Coe essentially planted the seeds of this hate with their rabidly xenophobic campaign against immigrants. Jim Gilchrist then took fueled this hate and powered it up to a whole new level when he launched the Minutemen Project. He also furthered the ambitions of Shawna Forde, JT Ready, and a number of neo-Nazi radicals.

Jim Gilchrist is now seeking to take advantage of the current refugee crisis by relaunching Minutemen militia patrols along the US-Mexico Border. And now, he has the official seal of approval from Cliven Bundy and the "Patriot Movement".

They're going after families. They're going after children. And they're pointing guns at people because "measles" and "prayer rugs".

Earlier this year, some Republican Members of Congress (cough- Joe Heck- cough) tried hard to have it both ways on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Now, they're not even trying to sound "pro-reform". They're not just turning hard against CIR. They're now pandering to those who want to point guns at refugee children and impeach President Obama for actually enforcing the law on handling these refugee children.

It's something they always want to talk about... But what are they actually doing? What do they want to do to millions of American families? And what are they aiming to do to the children coming here seeking a better life? And we're supposed to believe they're "the family values party"?

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