Tuesday, July 8, 2014

They Broke the Law

He broke the law. It was obvious to many that he broke the law. Yet somehow, he amassed his own militia to fight a "Range War". And at one point, he became a media darling celebrated by "TEA" powered pundits & politicians across the nation.

Cliven Bundy exploded onto the national media stage with his outrageous views on Constitutional law, community relations, and civil rights. He even convinced a bunch of G-O-TEA politicians to stand with him in urging law enforcement agencies to stop enforcing the law.

After about 3 weeks of bumbling around this issue, outgoing Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie (R) has finally admitted that Cliven Bundy needs to be "held accountable" for breaking the law. We can only wonder if the murder of Metro Police Officers Alyn Beck & Igor Soldo (along with civilian Joseph Robert Wilcox) by two #BundyRanch "super fans" has finally registered with him.

In recent weeks, we've been digging deep into the dark side of the "Patriot Movement" that its allegedly "mainstream" "TEA" tinged allies prefer that we not notice. And in doing so, we've been reminded of the lurid story of Jim Gilchrist and Shawna Forde. Jim Gilchrist was once a Congressional candidate in Orange County, California, who managed to turn a long-shot local campaign into a national movement. And Shawna Forde ultimately became his right-hand woman on the Arizona Border after raising hell in Washington State. Gilchrist, Forde, and their army of Minutemen ultimately succeeded in killing comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) in 2006.

But when Shawna Forde was arrested in 2009 for the murder of Raul & Brisenia Flores, Gilchrist suddenly denied his extensive working relationship with Forde. He even later embarked on a "rebranding campaign". After all, how better to respond to evidence of encouraging criminal behavior than to "rebrand" oneself as a "kinder, gentler anti-immigrant demagogue"?

Jim Gilchrist is back. In the wake of the Murrieta bus blockade, Gilchrist has declared his interest in restarting Minutemen vigilante patrols along the entire US Border. And already, some "TEA" powered activists are vowing to start patrolling South Texas.

Ironically, anti-immigrant extremists claim they just want to "enforce the law". But as the Obama Administration is taking action to enforce current law regarding these Central American migrant children, the 21st Century Know Nothings are now breaking the law... And encouraging violent "revolution"?

When & where have we heard this before? Would Sheriff Gillespie like to explain? Would Cliven Bundy like to discuss this? Would the residents of Bunkerville & Mesquite like to chime in? Perhaps we should also extend the invitation to the families of Officers Beck & Soldo?

They broke the law. It's becoming increasingly obvious to many that they broke the law. Ironically, they're crying about "enforcing the law" while they're breaking the law... And threatening even more violent & illegal activities.

("TEA" flavored) Politicians who are rushing to celebrate the Murrieta bus blockade and encourage even more of these activities need to think twice before going any further down this path. After all, they claim to care so much about "enforcing the law".

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