Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Ah, so now it makes sense. Nice to see that cleared up...

Actually, not really. Actually, this is pretty scary. No, scratch that. This is awfully scary.

Last Wednesday, Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) flip-flopped (again) on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). After a year of him refuting the 21st Century Know Nothings on CIR, he parrot ed their talking points. And even worse, his staff called the police on CIR advocates.

Now we understand why this happened. For the past week, we were scratching our heads. Even though Rep. Joe Heck never actually voted for CIR, he had seemed to play nice with activists... Until last week.

Like Heck, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) never actually voted for CIR. He just occasionally hinted that he may one day allow some bits & pieces of it. And that was still too much for the G-O-TEA base in his district.

By the time Rep. Eric Cantor's supporters lashed out at CIR advocates, it was too late. Eric Cantor just lost his own primary. It wasn't even close. He barely scored over 44% in his district.

Dave Brat was not supposed to win last night. Republicans were not supposed to deliver this message on immigration reform. This simply wasn't supposed to be the big headline news today.

But now, it is. Dave Brat is "hot". Eric Cantor is not. And the "TEA Party" is far from over.

Today, Republican establishment "leaders" were planning to celebrate "victory" in Nevada and elsewhere. That's not happening. A little upset in Virginia just upset that narrative. That's because it reminds us of that inconvenient truth about "the establishment" becoming more "TEA Party" in order to survive. And if any "establishment" figures even stray a millimeter too far from the "TEA Party" line, they'll be the ones upset come Election Night.

So now, it makes sense. Still, one thing confuses us: How did Rep. Joe Heck oobtain accurate VA-07 poll numbers that Rep. Eric Cantor himself couldn't? Well, at least someone could smell this upset from a few thousand miles away.

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