Monday, June 9, 2014

Full Circle

Last Friday, a normally sleepy Georgia town on the outskirts of Greater Atlanta was rocked by shocking violence. In Cumming, Georgia, a shootout occurred when a man tried to carry an AR-15 assault weapon and explosives into the Forsyth County Courthouse.

Dennis Marx was due to appear in the Forsyth County Courthouse last Friday to answer to his marijuana and weapons charges. He also had a running law suit against Forsyth County, as he claimed the county violated his civil rights. Dennis Marx was also part of the "Sovereign Citizen/Patriot Movement".

Remember them? They're the ones who rushed to the aid of Cliven Bundy when he declared a "Range War" against the federal government. And they're the ones with a storied history of breeding terrorists who have committed some of the worst crimes this nation has ever seen.

Jerad & Amanda Miller were also part of the "Patriot Movement". White supremacist paraphernalia were found at their apartment yesterday. Jerad & Amanda Miller opened fire at the CiCi's Pizza and Walmart in the Northeast Las Vegas Valley yesterday. They shot two Metro officers dead before shooting someone else dead in Walmart and ultimately killing themselves.

Jerad & Amanda Miller had boasted to their neighbors about their involvement in #BundyRanch. Reno area NBC affiliate KRNV even interviewed Miller in Bunkerville back in April.

We can't help but wonder what Senator Dean Heller (R), Governor Brian Sandoval (R), Assembly Member & NV-04 candidate Cresent Hardy (R), Assembly Member Michele Fiore (R), and other G-O-TEA politicians who had so merrily jumped on the #BundyRanch bandwagon nearly two months ago are thinking now. Do they regret what they said then? Are they embarrassed over their endorsement of what's turned out to be a collection of fringe extremists, some of whom haven't hesitated to resort to violence?

Of course, these are also the same G-O-TEA politicians who have boasted of being "what stood in the way" of legislation that could have prevented criminals like Jerad Miller & Dennis Marx from obtaining firearms. Might they be rethinking this as well? Is that "A rating" from the NRA truly worth more than actual human lives?

Sadly, the #BundyRanch saga has come full circle. Two months ago, a ragtag group of fringe extremists threatened violence against the federal government for daring to enforce the law. A month ago, they began fighting each other and scaring an entire community. And now, some of those threats have actually materialized here in the Las Vegas Valley. Why didn't our "leaders" take these threats seriously before yesterday?

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