Thursday, June 12, 2014

Real. Life. Tragedy.

In the last few days, we've been hearing plenty of moving stories... Of certain political careers ending while others are just beginning. Who's in? Who's out? Who's up? Who's down?

Yet while certain politicians and pundits are obsessing over some supposed political tragedy, millions of American families are living our real life tragedies.

Rep. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) seems to understand this. While the usual suspects on Capitol Hill are debating how much more gridlock they want to inflict on the nation, Rep. Horsford wants to remind them of the real life consequences of all the inaction they've already taken.

For about 5.5 months, federal unemployment insurance has lapsed for just over 3 million Americans (including about 37,000 Nevadans). As the former number grows, so does the latter. And the longer this drags on, the more economic pain we'll all feel.

Over 3 million Americans are now enduring immense unnecessary hardship because the usual G-O-TEA suspects refuse to #RenewUI. Even Senator Dean Heller (R) and a few other Congressional Republicans have asked their colleagues to allow some justice for the over 3 million Americans who are falling into poverty simply because the usual G-O-TEA suspects in Congress don't want to play nice with others.

This week, many on Capitol Hill are mourning some alleged political tragedy. They're wailing and moaning and gnashing their teeth because they'll miss some "hot cocktail parties" and "networking opportunities". They're crying because their "climb up the political ladder" may have been interrupted.

Yet while they're mourning this supposed political tragedy, America is enduring a horrific real life tragedy. And this tragedy is entirely unnecessary.

Perhaps instead of obsessing over some alleged political tragedy, more of our elected "leaders" need to remember the real life tragedy that they can end today. No really, they can end it today. They can end the unnecessary hardship. They can help over 3 million Americans get back on their feet. All they have to do is #RenewUI. Hey, it may even help them avoid their own political tragedy this November.

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