Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Too Hot to Handle

As of late, we've been covering the increasingly outrageous activity of Open Carry Texas. They've tried packing heat at Chipotle. They've tried "spicing it up" at Chili's. They even chased down Marine Corps veteran James Henry when he dared to show up at their Fort Worth "street heat" demonstration with a camera.

On Monday, the NRA criticized Open Carry Texas for going too far. Mind you, the NRA made sure to praise the policy that Open Carry Texas cherishes. But because the NRA dared to criticize Open Carry Texas' campaign tactics, G-O-TEA Culture Warriors started attacking their own.

And now, the NRA is backing down. On the NRA's own online TV network, a top NRA lobbyist apologized to Open Carry Texas for daring to even criticize its campaign tactics.

On Monday, the NRA called Open Carry Texas' heat packing displays "weird" and "scary". But now, the NRA just wants everyone to look away and move away from this "distraction". And it's all because Open Carry Texas threatened to withdraw its support for the NRA.

So much for the NRA behaving rationally. But then again, the NRA couldn't even condemn Cliven Bundy after he made his now infamous speech on 21st century race relations. What made anyone think it could withstand the rage of Open Carry Texas?

All too often, the NRA has been part of what stood in the way between this nation and stronger gun safety laws. And now, we have a better sense of what's standing in the way between the NRA & sanity. Yet the NRA still can't admit this culture of "gun enthusiasm" that it's nurtured is now too hot for even the NRA itself to handle.

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