Monday, June 9, 2014

This Isn't Child's Play

Target is a big store. One can now find clothing, electronics, home appliances, fast food, a pharmacy, and even a grocery store there. For some, it's all about convenience. However, we suspect most of those shoppers wouldn't want to find a certain item lying around at Target...

Especially in the children's department, lying around with toys. Yet in March, Open Carry Texas began posting photos to its Facebook wall of members packing heat in Target. And yes, they were even carrying AR-15 assault weapons in the children's department.

Then last week, a loaded gun was found in the toy aisle of a Target in South Carolina. Think about that. What if that gun had fallen into a child's hand? Then we certainly wouldn't be talking about "child's play" any longer.

Students and faculty at Seattle Pacific University had to endure everything but "child's play" last Thursday. A gunman opened fire and shot one person dead.

The shooter wanted to kill even more people last Thursday, but he was thwarted by two things. One was the limited magazine capacity of his handgun. The other was the pepper spray that SPU student Jon Meis used to subdue the shooter.

Jerad Miller had an extensive criminal record. Both he & his wife, Amanda Miller, had openly boasted about their plan to "start a revolution", overthrow President Obama, and kill police officers. How was he then able to purchase firearms?

Joseph Robert Wilcox attempted to thwart the Millers at Walmart yesterday. He didn't realize that Amanda Miller was right behind him. Just as Wilcox was taking out his concealed pistol, Miller shot him dead from behind.

The NRA's theoretical "good guy with a gun" became a reality yesterday. He also passed away. Sometimes, just being that "good guy with a gun" isn't enough to stop the "bad guy with a gun".

This isn't child's play. Guns are not meant to be toys. And gun violence is an issue we sorely need to take seriously.

Target & Walmart are big stores. We can find many things there. We shouldn't be finding the end of our lives there. Target & Walmart may carry plenty of toys, but this isn't child's play. We can't ignore this bloody reality any longer.

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