Wednesday, June 4, 2014

They're Not Scientists

On Monday, The White House made a huge annoucement. President Obama ultimately settled on 30% by 2030, and the EPA will implement it after public comment.

Already, this is reestablishing the US as a true world leader. Already, we're seeing how the President's new climate action plan will accommodate fossil fuel heavy states. Yet already, the usual suspects are attacking both the new rules... And the notion that climate change is actually happening.

Really? They still want to argue over this?

Don't they realize 97% of scientists have already said climate change is real and we're the ones causing it? And don't they realize that they're not scientists?

As is typically the case for politicians of the G-O-TEA variety, they're claiming the new EPA rule is everything from "LAW BREAKING!" to "JOB KILLING!" and "COMMUNIST!" Of course, as is typically the case for them, they're wrong. But hey, why let some pesky facts and figures get in the way of a good political attack?

But wait, is this even all that good of a political attack? Most Americans actually support the President's climate action plan. Most Americans want action #4jobs. And the President's climate action plan opens the door to more jobs and more economic opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We've already started to see the benefits here in Nevada. Why shouldn't the rest of the nation?

Clearly, they're not scientists. They're not economists, either. And even though some of them are lawyers, they don't even understand the law. So why are we even paying attention to them?

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