Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Heck Treatment

He's met with them. He's talked with them. He's even prayed with them. But now, he's calling the cops on them?

Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) is quite well known for his "constituent service". We've seen first hand how his staff handle constituents' questions. We've come to know this as "The Heck Treatment".

We've never seen Rep. Joe Heck and/or his staff give immigrant rights activists "The Heck Treatment"... Until now. Previously, Rep. Heck had been wooing them with his platitudes suggesting he was open to comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Even when he unloaded on CIR activists at his Green Valley High School town hall this past February, Rep. Heck still said he wanted some sort of immigration reform.

But yesterday, he couldn't even say that. Instead, he tweeted this (under his campaign account):

"Joe Heck will not be bullied into amnesty by @erinbilbray & #OccupyCIR #NV03 #CIR #TimeIsNow"

Rep. Heck had previously said he supported reform. He even said he wanted a path to citizenship. Those aren't our words. Those are his. But now, all of a sudden, he's Steve King? Or is that Sharron Angle?

But wait, there's more. Not only did Rep. Heck drop any last pretense of being open to CIR, but his staff then called the police on CIR advocates who were protesting outside his district office yesterday. (And mind you, these were CIR advocates, not Erin Bilbray campaign staff or volunteers.) Five of them were ultimately cited by Metro Police for trespassing. Never mind that we the people actually pay for that district office. Rep. Heck's staff still don't want to open it to the public.

After all, we must remember his priorities.

"@Heck4Nevada wow!!! i can't believe you using today action to fundraise money instead of really working for families. #CIR #TimeIsNow"

And we must remember his base. After all, they're his base. They give him votes and money. And everyone else can just enjoy "The Heck Treatment".

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