Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Do Over

Last year, he had been considered the Democrat least likely to vote for any gun safety legislation. But then, Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) eventually backed a very modest background checks package. And the NRA still conspired to kill it.

But now, he's back. He wants to try expanding background checks again. And he's not alone.

After all, Senator Manchin wasn't the only Senate Democrat who evolved on gun violence. So did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In fact, he went further, way beyond a mere milquetoast background checks compromise. But now, he may be ready to try for those mere milquetoast background checks again.

So what's happened since then? Sunday, for one. Jerad Miller was able to access firearms despite his felony convictions. And now, three innocent people are dead.

What's also happened since then? Well, we've just experienced 74 more school shootings since Newtown. Troutdale just happened to be #74. We don't remember which number Sparks Middle School is.

What else has happened since then? More extremism. More senseless tragedies. More family losses. And even more blood shed.

Now, the only question is: What's changed on Capitol Hill since then? Has Senator Dean Heller (R-NRA) grown a spine yet? Hell, has he sorted out his relationship with Cliven Bundy yet?

We shall find out soon. Last year, Congress put on one of the worst sh*tshows in American history (actually, one of several). Now, they have a chance at a do-over. Will they take it? Or will we have to endure 74 more unnecessary and horrifically bloody tragedies?

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