Monday, April 14, 2014

"Second Amendment Remedies"

Last Saturday, Americans across this nation were shocked to witness the violence that broke out in Bunkerville over the BLM's attempt to rein in Cliven Bundy's illegal Gold Butte cattle run & tax evasion scheme. Apparently, it's not enough that Bundy's family has benefited from so much "big government welfare" for over 100 years. He's also wanted "legal recognition" to violate federal law with reckless abandon. And last weekend, he brought in some "TEA" drinking friends from other parts of the nation to provoke armed conflict with federal public servants.

Even though the BLM operation has been discontinued for now, the law will eventually catch up with this lawless bunch. Bundy & his "TEA" powered allies may face federal criminal charges for their attempt at provoking insurrection.

But of course, the wannabe #BundyRanch insurrectionists don't see it that way. They claim they're just taking advantage of what Sharron Angle (in)famously referred to as "Second Amendment Remedies".

And they're not the only ones who have been "going there" recently. Frazier Glenn Miller also resorted to "Second Amendment Remedies" when he opened fire on a Jewish community center & retirement village in Overland Park, Kansas, yesterday. The longtime white supremacist/Ku Klux Klan/neo-Nazi leader shot 3 people dead before police arrested him.

Once again, we're reminded of something evil in our society. Once again, we're reminded of what happens when we encounter a "bad guy with a gun". And once again, we're reminded of the lengths the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby will go to maximize their profits.

Are G-O-TEA politicians here in Nevada and elsewhere still proud of being "what stood in the way" between us and saner gun laws? Do they actually believe the bile filled rhetoric they spew when they praise Cliven Bundy's "Second Amendment Remedies"? Do they truly favor the ability of criminals like Frazier Glenn Miller to easily access dangerous firearms?

Think about it. What we saw this past weekend in Bunkerville and in Overland Park was the logical conclusion of "Second Amendment Remedies". And that should make us all remember what makes a civilized society (and what can tear one down).


  1. I do not understand? Were you at OWS NYC? I was - people were screaming for Oathkeepers as cops smashed their skulls in, some came, they were armed. A Marine was almost murdered in Oakland. When I was in Chicago OWS a grandmother was pushed down steps. This hardly begins to cover the atrocities. OWS made similar appeals to the ability to protest on public property. I was there, I assure it was absolutely decimated by militarized badge-less police who did not care about law or appeal.. Corporations owe us hundreds of billions and have accepted trillions in corporate welfare. If Clive has violated the law for the last several decades He should have been drug by his hair from his farm by SWAT. Why don't we send tanks, helicopters and military to recover the billions Jeff Immelt (Obamas employment Czar - GE) owes us. It was really weird at OWS, as people were having the shit kicked out of them for police someone yelled, "Call 911" - it was eerie. We are trained to do this. It was the police kicking the fuck out of people "call 9-1-1". There are videos from the ranch with a family and group of 4-6 being attacked by dogs and maced. Remember #Macecop

    Why turn this into an us vs them tebag issue. This is about a violent out of control government who isn't afraid to hurt innocent people to get their way, if they make less than a few hundred million.

    1. "As people were having the shit kicked out of them BY police". Gah