Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bloody Wakeup Call

Weren't we just talking about this recently? Haven't we been examining the toxic environment the NRA has created? Haven't we been warning about creating a conducive environment for "Second Amendment Remedies"?

Today, we witnessed another bloody wakeup call. This time, it was in Kennesaw, Georgia. Six people were shot and injured. And the suspect shot himself dead.

Before today, Kennesaw was known as the city with the ordinance requiring all residents to own a gun. And only six days ago, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed the "Guns Everywhere Bill" into law. This will allow people to carry guns into bars, clubs, libraries, and even houses of worship. The new law also expands Georgia's "Stand Your Ground" doctrine.

Georgia's Governor & legislators were warned of the dangers of passing such legislation. They went ahead and did the gun lobby's bidding.

And of course, Members of Congress were warned of the dangers of failing to fix the scattered & tattered patchwork of background checks systems. Even now, HR 1565 sits in the House and awaits action. But instead, G-O-TEA politicians boast about being "what stood in the way" between our communities and good #GunSense.

Today, we received yet another bloody wakeup call. We just can't ignore & wish gun violence away. And we can't let our elected "leaders" get away with choosing NRA campaign contributions and gun industry profits over people's lives.

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