Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We're Fracked?!

We've been talking quite a lot about land policies in one corner of Southern Nevada. Yet while we were focused on that part of the state, some huge news dropped in another part of the state. In one corner of Northern Nevada, fracking has already begun.

Wait, what?! Yes, fracking has already begun in Elko County. Noble Energy is now fracking on mostly private land just outside Wells, but it now has approval to frack on some BLM land nearby as well. And thanks to SB 390, the fracking regulations bill passed by the Nevada Legislature last year, it's legal.

It's already been making waves in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas, and elsewhere. And now, fracking is happening in our state.

We've already become familiar with the more upfront dangers of fracking. However, there's an even greater danger that we simply can't ignore.

Noble Energy is fracking for oil. Noble Energy is risking contaminating the entire water supply for that area to extract fossil fuels from the ground. Noble Energy is extracting fossil fuels that worsen climate change.

Remember climate change? It just happens to be the greatest global security threat of our time. And Rural Nevada is already feeling it.

Nevada is already experiencing a rather serious drought. We can't afford to waste water. And we especially can't afford to waste water on extracting fossil fuels that are endangering our future.

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