Monday, April 21, 2014

Reckless Abandon

Late last week, the usual G-O-TEA suspects feigned the usual "OUTRAGE!!!" at their usual political foe. And why was that? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) decided to speak the truth about the clear & present danger that Cliven Bundy has imported into the Virgin Valley.

It's important for us to place #BundyRanch in its proper historical context. This hasn't happened in a vacuum. And #BundyRanch has brought back to the national stage the same extremist elements who challenged the federal government's authority to the point of violence.

Yet even now, even with the #BundyRanch instigators' bats**t crazy exposed, a number of prominent Nevada Republicans continue to endorse their crazy conspiracy theories and dangerous views on "nullifying" federal authority.

Last Friday, Senator Dean Heller (R) proclaimed them as "patriots". Throughout this ordeal, outgoing Assembly Member & current NV-04 candidate Cresent Hardy has endorsed Cliven Bundy's brazen violation of the law. And last Friday, Assembly Member Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) took to national TV to applaud the Bundy Gang's lawlessness.

What these and other G-O-TEA politicians have been saying this month is embarrassing. They've been using incredibly reckless language to endorse reckless behavior with complete reckless abandon. And yet, they want us to express "OUTRAGE!!!" over Senator Reid speaking the truth about the Bundy Gang and their reckless & lawless behavior?

We are a nation of laws. We all elect a government to serve us. And we agree to a set of laws to ensure fairness and equal opportunity in the public sphere.

What would happen if we were to attack our nation of laws with reckless abandon? What would happen if we were to recklessly abandon our nation of laws? How could we survive such lawlessness?

This is what Cliven Bundy is advocating. This is what his "TEA" powered allies want to force upon us at gunpoint. And we're supposed to be " OUTRAGED!!!" over Senator Reid calling it what it is?

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