Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lip Service

It wasn't supposed to be so damned difficult. Not too long ago, all the key players seemed to be on the same page. The Senate passed bipartisan legislation last June. The House was then set to go next, as a bipartisan working group had been designing companion legislation there.

But then, nothing happened... Other than the G-O-TEA run House occasionally passing anti-immigrant bills. And even as House Republican "leaders" have occasionally paid lip service to comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), they've constantly done everything possible to prevent HR 15 from reaching the House floor.

Every so often, House Republican "leaders" have attempted to deflect blame onto President Obama. Never mind that they were the ones who killed their own "principles for immigration reform". They still claim they can't trust the President because... Ummmmm, Benghazi!

Clearly, President Obama is upset over the House G-O-TEA Blame Game. So is Rep. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas). While others in the House have been talking about CIR, he's actually been trying to pass it. He's a lead sponsor of HR 15. He's helped recruit 3 Republicans to cosponsor it. And he recently signed the discharge petition for it.

So far, Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) has done none of the above. Instead, he's been voting for those anti-immigrant bills and fighting against efforts to bring HR 15 to the House floor. And we're supposed to believe he's "done everything possible for immigration reform"?

No, he hasn't. And neither have his "leaders". While they're telling their country club donors they're "hell-bent on getting this done this year", they're telling their 21st Century Know Nothing base there's no way in hell they'll ever let it happen. And they're just telling the media it's somehow someone else's fault for whatever reason. Wait, weren't Republicans supposed to be the party of "personal responsibility"?

They certainly haven't shown any. While they pay lip service to reform, they've yet to act. Will their "support" for CIR ever go beyond mere lip service?

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