Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Not Over

Wasn't this supposed to be over by now? The last two Republican Presidential Nominees spoke against it. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoed it. Several Nevada Republicans ran away from it... Despite championing it a year ago. But nonetheless, it was supposed to be "dead".

Yet now, the "TEA" powered "License to Discriminate" movement has come roaring back to life. And why's that, you ask? Thank the Mississippi Legislature for this. It just passed SB 2681, which is Mississippi's version of "License to Discriminate".

SB 2681 now sits on Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant's (R) desk. Yet unlike his Arizona counterpart, Bryant is expected to sign SB 2681 into law. And should Mississippi's Governor soon sign it into law, he'll probably boost efforts in Missouri, North Carolina, and Oklahoma to pass similar "License to Discriminate" legislation.

If Cresent Hardy is still experiencing difficulties in understanding what constitutes "segregation laws", he need not look further than Mississippi's SB 2681. Hell, he need not look further than SB 192, the "License to Discriminate" bill that he & Barbara Cegavske introduced to the Nevada Legislature last year.

This was supposed to be over by now. After all, "Republican rebranding"... Oh wait, that's gone nowhere. Instead, the G-O-TEA has been doubling down on its "Culture War". And the recent developments in Mississippi have only confirmed what we've already known.

Never mind the minor cosmetic changes and changing around of certain words. Pay closer attention to what they're doing. This was supposed to be over... But it's not. It may not be over until the courts weigh in. And it may not even truly be over until the Republican Party can learn to say no to its radical base.

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