Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Can't "Rebrand" Real Values

They've made every possible excuse not to act. They've done everything possible to block a simple floor vote. Yet they're claiming the President is about to "spoil the well"? Clearly, they still haven't realized they can't have it both ways.

House Republican "leaders" have gone out of their way to take every step possible to kill comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). And they've are it clear for some time that they don't want HR 15 anywhere near the House floor. But now, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Agent Orange) is actually claiming President Obama will "spoil the well" if he takes any executive action to curb the record pace of deportations that have occurred under his watch.

Yet when Speaker Boehner is confronted over when his lower House of Congress will ever pass any kind of CIR, he says it won't happen... Because of President Obama! So let's try to understand John Boehner's incredibly twisted (lack of) logic here. The House can't pass what the Senate already passed over nine months ago because "Obama is a poopyhead!" But if President Obama tries to minimize the damage that's done thanks to the House's failure to pass CIR, that will jeopardize any (already nonexistent) chance of Boehner agreeing to any CIR? Seriously, how does any of this make sense?

There's a reason why the President is facing growing calls for executive action to curb deportations. It's because his administration has already been vigorously enforcing current immigration law since he first took office in 2009. And it's because millions of American families (like Bryan Rivera's) are at constant risk of being torn apart as long as the status quo remains in place.

The status quo is unsustainable. It's hurting families, hurting communities, and hurting our economy. But wait, aren't Republicans supposed to be the "family values" & #4jobs party?

Maybe not. As long as they're blocking real pro-family & pro-growth policies, it's hard to take any of their homilies to "values" seriously. And no amount of "Republican rebranding" can actually hide their real values.

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